New Jersey Bankers Association

For more than 111 years the New Jersey Bankers Association, or NJBankers, has been an advocate for the New Jersey banking industry. Founded in a passion for representing the interests of the state’s banking community, the NJBankers mission remains as strong today as ever, even as the requirements for fulfilling its commitment have grown.

Today our membership consists of 108 banking institutions of all banking charters that are headquartered or have branches in New Jersey. In addition, more than 240 firms that provide goods and services to the banking community are associate members. The association is governed by a 24-member board of directors and, with its subsidiary and affiliated companies, staffed by 18 employees.

The Warren Group

The Northeast’s Trusted Real Estate & Financial Information Source Since 1872. The Warren Group collects and compiles data on real estate sales and ownership throughout the northeast. We offer a range of real estate products, information services and printed and online publications, including the weekly newspaper Banker & Tradesman and the monthly magazine The Commercial Record. We also produce and organize trade shows and events for a variety of industries, including bankers, mortgage brokers, credit unions and lawyers. Based in Boston, the company was established in 1872 and is now in its fourth generation of family ownership and management. The core business has three different segments: publishing, data solutions and events.


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