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Connecticut’s Trusted Real Estate & Financial Information Source Since 1872

The Warren Group collects and compiles data on real estate sales and ownership throughout New England. We offer a range of real estate products, information services and printed and online publications, including the  monthly magazine The Commercial Record and the weekly newspaper Banker & Tradesman. The company also produces and organizes trade shows and events for a variety of industries, including bankers, mortgage brokers, credit unions and lawyers. Based in Boston, the company was established in 1872 and is now in its fourth generation of family ownership and management.

The core business has three different segments: publishing, data solutions and events.


In addition to flagship publications The Commercial Record and Banker & Tradesman, The Warren Group publishes several targeted publications for various associations and audiences around the country. We serve niche industries including banking, accounting, legal, real estate and construction.

Data Solutions:

The Warren Group’s suite of data solutions includes market reports & statistics, research tools, marketing & business strategy solutions, analytics & research and data licensing.


The Warren Group produces and organizes trade shows and events for a variety of industries, including bankers, mortgage brokers, credit unions and lawyers. Our sales force, marketing team and event partners create exciting and educational tradeshows unique to your business.

The Warren Group is proud partners of The Connecticut Bankers Association and The Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association.

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