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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Concurrent General Sessions

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An Outstanding Day of Education, Exhibits and Networking Planned For Today’s Credit Union Professional

We are excited to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Great New England Credit Union Show with you at its new home, the DCU Center in Worcester.  Make plans to join us Tuesday May 8  for what continues to be the biggest and best credit union conference in the region. You can view the agenda now – so get ready to visit a packed exhibit hall, meet with more than 500 fellow credit union professionals, and enjoy educational sessions that will keep you well-informed on the latest trends, ideas, and innovations; including sessions by these industry leaders. Curious about what happened at last year’s show? Click here and find out.

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Credit Union Rising Stars


8:00 a.m. Registration & Networking

8:30 a.m. Rising Stars Breakfast Begins

8:45 a.m. Opening Remarks

8:50 a.m. Keynote Speaker Howard Brodsky Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of CCA Global Partners

9:10 a.m. Awards Presentation Begins

9:30 a.m. Closing Remarks

9:45 a.m. Photography Session with recipients and CEOs

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SBA Meeting


Registration and Exhibit Hall Open


Concurrent General Sessions


Trends in FinTech
Doug MacDonald – Vice President, Marketing
Jennifer Berry – Product Owner, Technology
Rebekah Higgins – Product Owner, Payments
Meeting Room A

Knowing which products and services to invest in can be daunting in today’s tech-driven world. Staying up to date with the latest offerings that members request and expect is essential to ensuring that your credit union remains top-of-wallet. But which technologies are here to stay? Join us for a panel discussion with credit union experts who possess complementing specialties that include payments, programming, and marketing. Before an interactive Q&A, they will present topics that include:

  • Integrating programming with the core to automate processes & increase efficiencies
  • Targeting members with Transactional Data Mining (TDM) & automated marketing
  • Implementing technology to increase your ROI
  • Trends in payments: P2P payments, email receipts, digital banking, etc.

8 Ways to Improve Your Member Experience and Engagement
Al Rosenbaum, Executive Vice President, Customer Success, SilverCloud Inc.
Meeting Room B

Today there is increased pressure on CEO’s to go beyond member experience and focus on member engagement. Member engagement is essential to the success and growth of any credit union, especially as technology and innovation create increased competition in the financial services space. In this session you’ll see and hear:

  • Real world examples of the challenges credit unions face with managing content within employee and digital channels and how they overcome them
  • How to empower your frontline employees to deliver an exceptional member experience that leads to double digit growth in engagement
  • How to get your digital channels to engage your members around your product offerings and generate more leads and revenue
  • How to deliver better support and free up your call center to increase revenue producing leads.



Project Management Secret Sauce: Get projects done on-time, and within budget!
Dave DelVecchio, President, Suite 3
Meeting Room C

Whether managing projects big or small, what’s the secret to getting projects accomplished without delays or cost overruns?  Join Suite 3 President, Dave DelVecchio, as he shares his organization’s project management best practices which allows them to successfully complete and close a project nearly every other day.


Cybersecurity Redux: The Current and Future State of Credit Unions
Laura Faulkner, Principal, Information Security, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Meeting Room D

Threats facing credit unions across all the country continues to evolve.  This session will survey the state of cyber security in 2018, describe current risks and threats, and present strategies to manage and mitigate the risks related by cyber attacks.

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Recognize how your credit union can be infected and affected by phishing and ransomware
  • Identify ways to react and respond to a security breach
  • Implement changes to your existing incident response plan or develop a new plan

Coffee With the Exhibitors


Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some uninterrupted time with industry leaders in technology and services.

Concurrent General Sessions


The Discipline of Growth
Tom Long, Founding Manager, The Long Group
Meeting Room A

Creating operating leverage or growing revenue faster than expenses is the essence of business.  In a thin margin business, lifting or accelerating the growth trajectory is an economic necessity.  Growth requires discipline and discipline requires focus. Thinking strategically will allow the financial institution to behave tactically. This presentation will explore the four core activities that ensure growth.  Plan for success by closing the knowledge gap to improve performance.

Future of Payments and the Digital Member Experience
Brian Scott, SVP, Sales and Solutions Consulting, PSCU
Meeting Room B

Learn about 3 new payment technologies you haven’t yet heard about that are sweeping other parts of the world. In addition, see examples of the Digital member experience being implemented at 2 credit unions to increase member engagement.




Secure by Default: Optimizing Active Directory’s Group Policy
Michael Kannan, Senior Security Consultant, and Nate Gravel, CISA, CISM, CRISC, Vice President of Information Security and IT,
Meeting Room C

There is no shortage of network security solutions in today’s marketplace.  However, we find that most organizations are not fully leveraging what they have already purchased through Microsoft: Active Directory.  This session will illustrate how your organization can leverage Active Directory settings and configurations to protect, detect, and respond to cyberattacks and insider threats.  In particular, we will demonstrate how hardening and optimizing the use of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) can help defend against and contain malicious activity like ransomware and other forms of malware on your organization’s local area network.


10 Critical Benchmarks for Strategic Credit Union Growth
Kirk Kordeleski, Senior Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Big Consulting Group and Best Innovation Group, Inc.
Meeting Room D

Kirk Kordeleski, industry expert, and former CEO of Bethpage FCU, joins Information Builders to present the strategy and crucial steps necessary to drive strong, profitable growth for credit unions, and the use of analytics to measure and guide that progress through data-driven insight and decisions.

Discussion points will include:

  • How Kirk grew Bethpage FCU into a regional leader (over 450% throughout his tenure)
  • Digital recipe for growth
  • Initial steps toward action and multi-phased roadmap
  • Analytics accelerators for today’s competitive market

Lunch and Exclusive Exhibit Hall Time


Grab lunch and enjoy more uninterrupted time with exhibitors.
Get up to speed on the latest technologies and services- you can’t afford not to!


Leadership Luncheon (by invitation only)

12:00- 1:15 p.m.

Terence A. McGinnis
Commissioner of Banks

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Concurrent General Sessions


Managing the Risks of Faster Payments
Sean Carter, President and CEO, NEACH
Meeting Room A

Will faster payments increase risk or can we leverage faster payments to mitigate risks in payments?  Same Day ACH, new real time systems and modernization of existing payment networks along with Fintech companies are all components of a faster payments system here in the U.S..  The Federal Reserve Bank is imploring FIs and vendors to be ready by 2020 but faster payments are already here and there are questions.  FIs are asking where should we invest, merchants are asking how do get in and the risk folks are wondering if faster payments will increase fraud or can speed help reduce fraud in the payment systems.  This session will give an overview or ABCs of Faster Payments and then dive into the question of managing the risks.  We will look at some of the concepts like credit push, tokenization of the users and how is  the industry working together to address the issue of risk.


First Party Collections – How to Survive the Regulations
Linda Straub Jones – Director, Market Planning for LexisNexis® Risk Solutions
Meeting Room B

In the ever-changing regulatory environment, it is often times hard to know where to start with your internal compliance process.  Regardless of what is going on with the CFPB, the TCPA or other regulations, there are a few basics that every Credit Union should have in place for compliance management.  In this session, Linda Straub Jones will review several key processes and procedures every credit union should have in place, including:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Management Systems
  • Compliance Scrubs
  • Vendor Audit Processes

During this session, Linda will also review recent activity at the CFPB, and recent law suite relating to collections.

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How Credit Unions are Utilizing Enterprise Risk Management
Presented by Ron J. Tache, WolfPAC General Manager, Wolf and Company, P.C.
Meeting Room C

As the value of enhanced risk management programs becomes clearer and adoption by credit unions of all sizes occurs, best practices for building your ERM program are emerging for credit unions of all sizes.  In this presentation we’ll provide three case studies of credit union executives highlighting the ways they leveraged their ERM programs, specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Using ERM to drive time and money out of baseline operational risk management activities
  • Identify a comprehensive threat inventory to the Credit Union and how they were able to map key threats based on the products and services offered
  • Determine how the overall risk profile of the Institution is linked to the Credit Union’s net worth

Join us as we discuss the results these efforts are having on their organizations.

Unlock the Power of Software Defined Networks (SDN)
Trent Henson, CTO, Pure IT Credit Union Services
Meeting Room D

Imagine an IT Infrastructure that is intuitive enough to detect an issue, find a resolution, and remediate it… all before you make it into the office. With limited staff, new business needs, and evolving security requirements, we need to explore new ways to manage and protect our environments. Learn how dynamically applying security rules and controls to users, devices, or services can save you time, lower costs, and reduce the amount of risk you are exposed to. Join us for a strategy discussion on the Policy-Based Methodology transformation.


Afternoon Break With the Exhibitors


Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some uninterrupted time with industry leaders in technology and services.

Concurrent General Sessions


What’s New at CCUA? New Product Offerings and Collaborative Efforts
Session Presented By Cooperative Credit Union Association
Meeting Room A

Want to know what’s new and exciting at the Cooperative Credit Union Association? At this informative session, a variety of team members from CCUA will update attendees on the latest offerings on the Association’s newest financial elder abuse program, CU Senior Safeguard and the shared marketing program. Please join us to learn how these programs can help your credit union and members.


How Purpose-driven Cultures Create Triple Bottom Lines
Ray SandersPresident of The Cedar Gate and Executive Team Leader at Works24
Meeting Room B

Culture trumps strategy every time. How is the culture at your workplace? Are people simply working for a paycheck? When work has meaning, people soon discover how success and significance work together to bring great satisfaction in life. Progressive organizations are learning the secrets to not one, not two but the triple bottom line. Purpose-driven cultures increase employee job satisfaction and retention. Communicating why you do what you do increases customer loyalty and corporate profitably. It all starts with why. The Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Studies continue to provide great insights as to why doing good is good for business.


Top 5 Trends in Auto Sales Industry
Presented by Don Bader, MSL, Vice President of Sales and Account Management, CRIF Select
Meeting Room C

In order to gain a competitive advantage in the indirect auto sales industry, you need to be aware of the growing trends in the industry and the corresponding challenges they bring. Whether you’re a current indirect auto lender, trying to boost a lagging program, or want to expand your market share by getting into the business, this session will help you navigate the process more effectively.