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New England Mortgage Expo 2018 Agenda

January 11, 2018

5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Please join us on the eve of the New England Mortgage Expo for a welcome reception in the exhibit hall beginning at 5:30 p.m.

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2018 New England Mortgage Expo

Friday, January 12, 2018

We’ve got a day a fantastic day of education, exhibits, and networking planned for you. Check out the schedule below

Exhibit Hall Opens @ 8am

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General Session



A Conversation with MBA Chairman David Motley
Pequot/Paugussett Room

We are pleased to bring you an enlightening, interactive discussion with David Motley, CMB and 2018 Chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association.  David and moderator will discuss and take your questions about the state of the mortgage banking industry and bring you invaluable insight into what you need to be ready for in 2018.

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The Digital Mortgage Experience that Changes Everything
Dan McGrew, Chief Operating Officer, Pavaso
Abenaki Room

Buying a home is most likely the largest financial investment your customers will make in their lifetime. Imagine if you could make this monumental moment an exciting, positive and memorable event instead of a negative and dreaded process. Well, you can. We’ll show you how to escape from a decades old, cumbersome mortgage process with the use of technology. Streamline your processes and breeze through the once cumbersome closing by putting documents, resources and communication at your customer’s fingertips. Boost the productivity of your staff, allowing you to save time and fund loans quicker. Your customers will be celebrating their experience and sharing how much easier, faster & more convenient their mortgage process was. This higher customer satisfaction leverages a strategic competitive advantage for your company and your business partners, putting you in the driver’s seat.

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YES You Can! How to Find, Hire, and Maximize Top Performers
Richard J. Bryan
Pequot/Paugussett Room

Speaker, author, and successful entrepreneur, Richard J. Bryan, shares the talent acquisition and leadership lessons he used to build a team of A-Players to take a struggling company to the next level of continued success. Come discover how you can apply these reality-tested, no-nonsense approaches to build and lead your team of A-Players in 2018.

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Scams, Shams and Cons – How the Fraudsters are Going After Your Mortgage Proceeds
Mike Krone, Vice President, Kriss Law
Shinnecock/Nipmuc Room

Learn about the latest vishing, phishing, fax, text and mail schemes being used against everyone in your mortgage transaction. With millions already lost learn what to look out for to protect your transactions. It’s not just cyber crime anymore!

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Millennials in the Mortgage Business
Sarah Federico, SVP Sales, XINNIX
Schaghticoke Room


With the average age of loan officers rising, there is an increasing need for more young professionals in the mortgage business. This session provides insight into who Millennials are and includes proven strategies to source, recruit, train and retain them.

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Boost Your Business with Fix & Flip Loans and Private Lending
Jeffrey Tesch, Managing Director, RCN Capital
Shinnecock/Nipmuc Room

With home flipping in the U.S. at a 10-year high, there has never been a better time to expand your product offerings. Private lending offers lucrative options for fix & flip deals and other real estate investing scenarios that don’t fit traditional guidelines. In this session, Jeffrey Tesch, RCN Capital Managing Director & Private Lending Expert, will teach you how to:

  • Identify profitable solutions for some of your most commonly overlooked leads
  • Leverage fix & flip loans and other private lending products to make more money now
  • Best present yourself and your borrower to a private lender

Interested in tapping into a wealth of new business? Don’t miss this break-out session.

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Cyber Security Awareness – Strengthen Your Business
Colleen M. Capossela, Esq., President, CATICPro, Inc.
Pequot/Paugussett Room

All businesses are at risk of attacks from cybercriminals, especially in the real estate and finance industries.  Unfortunately, experts agree that attacks will only multiply, diversify and intensify.  No longer does one think in terms of “preventing” an attack; instead the focus is on minimizing the risks and exposures.

This presentation will provide an update on cyberattacks affecting the industry, some popular methods used by the criminals, and an overview of some approaches to consider to help you limit your risks.

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Enhance Originations with Renovation Products
Brad Smith, Managing Director – Renovation Sales, Home Point Financial
Abenaki Room

Now is the time for you to utilize renovation loans to help your clients create the home of their dreams!  Brad will teach you the best approach to give your clients a smooth experience.

Learn the ins and outs of the FHA 203(k) and the HomeStyle reno loans to show your buyers and those refinancing the possibilities available. With reno loans, you broaden your product offerings and unlock the door to more revenue.

“CMBA Legislative and Regulatory Update—The CMBA Presents: Keeping Up with Shifting Priorities—What Do Mortgage Lenders and Other Mortgage Industry Participants Need to be Aware of in the Coming Year—Insights from Industry Insiders as to recent developments in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Presented by Norman Roos /Robinson & Cole, LLP, Deb Imondi /Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association., David Pellegrino /Partridge Snow & Hahn, LLP, Hailey Rice /Village Mortgage Company, Lawrence Garfinkel McCalla Raymer Liebert Pierce LLC”
Wampanoag Room

What is in store for the mortgage industry in 2018? What federal and state legislative and regulatory priorities will require particular attention in the coming year? New licensing requirements, examination and enforcement priorities, electronic notifications, electronic closings and other developments affecting the origination and servicing of residential lending in CT, MA and RI. This session will give you the information you need to know.



Buffet Lunch Inside the Exhibit Hall



Concurrent Sessions



2018 HMDA Impact on Fair Lending Compliance
Marissa Blundell, JD, Principal and Chief Operating Officer, CLA Bankers Advisory
Shinnecock/Nipmuc Room

Take a break from those vendor software updates and testing for the 2018 HMDA data collection and reporting requirements!  Join us for a discussion focused on how your institution’s Fair Lending compliance program will be impacted, and enhanced, by the more comprehensive HMDA dataset.  We will also discuss the current Fair Lending compliance environment and how the examination landscape may change post-implementation.

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How to Improve Your Escrow Processing in 2018
Mark Daniels, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Info-Pro Lender Services, Inc
Abenaki Room

In New England escrow processing can be a complicated task. Are the payments being made on time? Are the payments being sent to the correct person? Are the amounts correct? Getting any of these things wrong can cause problems for financial institutions, your borrowers, and can be costly if done incorrectly.

There are some recent innovations that can help financial institutions more accurately make these payments without the worries and headaches. Mark Daniels from Info-Pro Lender Services will go over these innovations and explain how financial institutions can benefit from these improvements in 2018. Whether you work with escrow accounts or not this session will give you plenty of information to bring back to your financial institution after the conference.

Social, Mobile and Local: Digital Marketing for Loan Originators
Meghan Handy, Marketing and Customer Experience Manager, Embrace Home Loans
Pequot/Paugussett Room

Marketing isn’t just for consumer direct anymore- how can retail originators employ big lender marketing strategies on their budget?  We will explore how digital marketing can bring big returns on a small scale- at the small company, branch and LO level.   As customers become more digital, the gap between consumer direct and retail is shrinking.   Retail loan officers interact with realtors and borrowers less in person, and more over their phone, email and social.  What is the future of lead generation for loan officers in a digital age? Hint- it’s not bringing donuts.

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Not To Be Missed – What You Should Know About Subservicing
Gene D. Ross, CPA; Executive VP, Strategy and Business Development, LoanCare
Schaghticoke Room

Sub-servicing started with humble beginnings on the margins of the mortgage servicing landscape, but non-bank servicers have grown into major players and represent a significant piece of the servicing business.  This session has an industry executive with a national vantage point and years of experience to draw from.  Learn what sub-servicers can bring to your brand, how they differ from conventional servicers and consideration is picking a subservicer (value proposition, credentials & due diligence).  Importantly, how to collaborate with your subservicer on MSR acquisitions and sales, among other aspects of your business.

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The Answer, My Friends, Is Blowin’ in the Wind
R.J. Lyman – Senior Advisor, ML Strategies; Of Counsel, Mintz Levin; Founding Director, Freedom for America;
Partner, ELK Capital Partners
Shaghticoke Room

The New England housing market remains strong, but for how much longer?  National political conditions and changes in federal law may inform the answer – Will the Federal Reserve under incoming Chairman Jerome Powell seek to keep interest rates low or will he aim to curtail potential inflationary pressures? Will the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 stimulate the economy (leading to increases in jobs and wages, driving housing demand) or will it exacerbate factors – federal deficit increases and individual  income inequality – that could stifle growth (particularly in high cost housing markets)?

Will hyper-partisanship in Washington – especially as mid-term elections approach – prevent reforms of Dodd-Frank and at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? These and similar questions arising from politics and law directly impacting mortgage lending will be addressed by R.J. Lyman, based on his two decades’ experience as a government official, practicing lawyer, and real estate investor.




Make The Mission of Affordable Lending Possible
Kathleen Caswell, CMB, AMP, Account Executive and Jason C. Jeffries, Lending Manager, Affordable Lending
Shinnecock/Nipmuc Room

Are you developing your affordable business to meet the needs of the Borrower of the FutureSM?

Freddie Mac will share  innovative strategies  to help you meet their needs and earn more profit in 2018 all the while expanding a new origination channel.

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Open Forum on Dodd-Frank and CFPB
Stephen Ross, Professor of Economics and Phillip A. Austin Chair in Public Policy, University of Connecticut
Abenaki Room

A unique open and collaborative discussion about Dodd Frank and recent CFPB regulations.  What aspects are most important for mitigating aggregate risk and protecting consumers?  What does the audience find to be the most burdensome aspects of the law and new regulations?  What are the best ways forward? Session participants will brainstorms ways to retain the most important features of the policies while minimizing burdens

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Cybercrime/Security Training
David Javaheri, President and CEO, Direct IT
Pequot/Paugussett Room

An intense overview into cybercrime, covering the following areas:

  1. What is Cybercrime and when and how it got stared.
  2. Why cybercrime is growing so fast
  3. Why is it so hard for authorities to stop cybercrime
  4. How cybercrime effects our day to day business and what are the most effective ways to minimize the risk.


2018 – 2019 CT Appraisal Law Update with Supervisory/Provisional Appraiser Education 

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
*Separate Registration and fee required for Law Update

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