Inspiring The Leading Advisors, Fund Companies, And Asset Owners In The Region


The Trump Impact on Regulation: Washington DC Update and the Legal Perspective

New DOL regulations and “conflict of interest” rules, what you need to know from the ERISA experts and changes for 2018
An important discussion on compliance and “reasonable fees”. What is “reasonable” and what is in the “best interest” for investors in 2017 and 2018?

Best and Brightest RIA’s, The CEO Perspective

No holds barred! Candid feedback from top CEO’s in the RIA world and advice on how to build your practice and define your value proposition. A must see session from the leading executives in the RIA industry. Key topics include: How do you differentiate your practice. How to find new business opportunities. What does your brand stand for in turbulent times. Three keys to build a thriving pract

Wealth Management and 401(k) Threats and Opportunitie

What are the biggest challenges facing our industry? How do you respond to major shifts in our industry? What is the best business model for 2018? Industry experts will compare and contrast wealth management practices vs. 401(k) practices and highlight common best practice.

Using Technology (and Social Media) to Build Your Practice

New technologies to inspire the Boomers and tips to engage Millennials. How are analytics changing the industry and building engagement? Selecting the correct technology provides a huge competitive advantage. From improving dashboards and user portals to engagement on Twitter, Facebook and Linked-in, what is this the correct medium and best UI?

CEO Roundtables: Building a Thriving Practice

Meet the top RIA’s and industry executives. Get the strategy and vision from the top and the latest trends impacting your business.
This interactive session will mix real world needs for advisors with the executive game plan and strategy from the C-suite.

The Best 401k Plans in New England: How to Engage and Educate

Learn how successful plans thrive and what participants want as they prepare for retirement. Firms like GE, Dunkin Brands and Cabot Corp discussing “financial wellness” and “retirement optimization”. How do you educate for maximum engagement.

Product Innovation: The Best Fund Companies Speak

New product launches and new funds are soaring. Learn about the latest and greatest in TDF’s, ETF’s, Fixed Income and Stable Value as everyone is seeking “lifetime income” in retirement. What are the pro’s and con’s in “active v. passive” and who has the best solution?

FinTech Revolution: Using Tech to Build Your Practice

This panel of FinTech experts will provide insight and advice on using tech to accelerate your advisor practice. See new innovations driving rapid growth for advisors.

CEO’s on SRI: Social Good and Good Returns

Tops CEO’s in the industry discuss how SRI must be a key part of your offering and discussion. SRI will open door to Millennials and open new discussions with important clients.


Research and Data You Need to Know

Statistics and trends driving the industry. How do you stay in front of customers and prospects? Get inside the “Mind of Millennial” and the “Mind of Boomer” to gain insight and business strategy.

Investment Menus: The Healthy Diet for All Investors

Which funds need to be on every K-plan menu, what is the perfect asset allocation and the latest on auto everything (enrollment, escalation, balancing).

Advisor of the Future, Threats and Opportunities

What is the next generation of advisors doing to grow the practice? What attributes will make you successful in the future? Open discussion on fees, funds and the future. From social to relationship building to earning trust. This is not your fathers business anymore.