February 2, 2018

Carolinas Credit Union Connect Conference

9:30-10:15am   Concurrent Sessions

First Party Collections – How to Survive the Regulations
Linda Straub Jones, Director, Market Planning, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions
Room: Drake

In the ever changing regulatory environment, it’s often times hard to know where to start with your internal compliance process.  But regardless of what is going on with the CFPB, the TCPA or other regulations, there are a few basics that every Credit Union should have in place for compliance management.  In this session, Linda Straub Jones will review several key processes and procedures every credit union should have in place, including:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Management Systems
  • Compliance Scrubs
  • Vendor Audit Processes

During this session Linda will also review recent activity at the CFPB, and recent law suite relating to collections.

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What’s the truth behind the data?
Olivier F. Raoust, Sr., Chief Brand Strategist/Chief Creative Director & Juli Anne Lawrence, Chief Strategic Officer
Room: Venice I

The Echo ProjectTM – Using Member Feedback Loops to mine the information you really want.Accelerating shifts in consumer options, preferences and anxieties are causing problems for credit unions that aren’t keeping up. Those that can grasp the opportunity by shaping and reshaping their strategies based on the voice of the consumer will thrive and move forward. The Echo ProjectTM is a new method of engaging with members to gather insightful data based on purchasing and delivery channel preferences. The process is leading to breakthroughs in establishing successful market segmentation and communication strategies that meet the emerging needs of consumers and small businesses—thus helping you achieve your objectives by meeting your members’ ever-changing needs.


Role of the Branch in a Digital-First World
Andy Aceto, Director of Industry Marketing, NCR Financial Services
Room: Venice II

As the pace of mobile-led transactions picks up, and as preference for mobile continues to grow, what should a branch be? Hear from Andy Aceto, head of NCR’s Industry Marketing for Financial Services, as he shares real-world examples of branch best-practices based on working with 400+ US financial institutions.

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Hot Topics for Supervisory Committees in 2018
Chris Purvis, CPA, Audit Shareholder/Credit Union Practice Leader, Elliot Davis
Room: Venice III

In this session, we will discuss how Supervisory Committees should prioritize their agendas for 2018.  We will cover topics such as corporate governance, recent and upcoming accounting standards, internal and external audit, vendor management, succession planning, and other emerging issues.


Coffee With the Vendors – Exhibit Hall


10:45-11:30am   Concurrent Sessions

The Impacts of Branch Transformation and a Consultative Discussion on ITMs
Sean Farrell, CEO, Quality Data Systems
Room: Drake

Branch Transformation is about making technological, design, and staffing changes to improve your member experience. New solutions empower members while helping to reduce costs for Credit Unions. Video teller ATMs and self-service kiosks are key technologies that drive branch transformation.  This session will take a consultative approach to whether deploying ITMs in your footprint is the best solution, while assessing the other impacts automation creates for member service.


8 Ways to Improve Your Member Experience and Engagement
Al Rosenbaum, Executive Vice President, Customer Success, SilverCloud Inc.
Room: Venice I

Today there is increased pressure on CEO’s to go beyond member experience and focus on member engagement. Member engagement is essential to the success and growth of any credit union, especially as technology and innovation create increased competition in the financial services space. In this session you’ll see and hear:

  • Real world examples of the challenges credit unions face with managing content within employee and digital channels and how they overcome them
  • How to empower your frontline employees to deliver an exceptional member experience that leads to double digit growth in engagement
  • How to get your digital channels to engage your members around your product offerings and generate more leads and revenue
  • How to deliver better support and free up your call center to increase revenue producing leads.

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U.S. Economic Outlook & its Impact on CUs
Stephen Rick, Chief Economist, CUNA Mutual Group
Room: Venice II

The presentation will discuss how the global economy, the overall financial sector and the Federal Reserve will affect the U.S. economy, U.S. interest rates and ultimately credit union balance sheet and earnings performance.  Steve Rick will analyze and establish standards against which your credit union’s own performance can be measured.  Mr. Rick will also identify trends of savings and loan activity, and weigh the influence of future economic events on growth patterns out into 2018.

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Hot Topics in Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy Law
Suzi Grigg and Brian Anderson, Members,Nexsen Pruet
Room: Venice III

Trending creditors rights and bankruptcy issues including new requirements under the CFPB’s 2016 Mortgage Servicing Rule and pitfalls associated with refinancing automobile loans.

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Buffet Lunch In the Atrium



Leadership Lunch (Invite Only)

The Carolina Household and Global Financial Risks
Scott Borger, Ph.D., Senior Economist, NCUA
Room: Gailieo/Magellan

Dr. Borger will discuss the economic trends and outlook for Carolina households, the innovations and risks in the global financial system, and the state of the credit union system in the Carolinas.

National Credit Union Administration



SBA Loan Programs and Services
Presented by Karen Hoskins, Lead Lender Relations Specialist, SBA North Carolina District Office (Charlotte)
Room: Venice III

Ms. Hoskins’ presentation will cover will cover the Small Business Administration’s loan programs, loan eligibility and resource partners.

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1:15-2:00pm   Concurrent Sessions

How Purpose-driven Cultures Create Triple Bottom Lines
Ray Sanders, President of The Cedar Gate and Executive Team Leader at Works24
Room: Drake

Culture trumps strategy every time. How is the culture at your workplace? Are people simply working for a paycheck? When work has meaning, people soon discover how success and significance work together to bring great satisfaction in life. Progressive organizations are learning the secrets to not one, not two but the triple bottom line. Purpose-driven cultures increase employee job satisfaction and retention. Communicating why you do what you do increases customer loyalty and corporate profitably. It all starts with why. The Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Studies continue to provide great insights as to why doing good is good for business.

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Serving the Underbanked and Unbanked
Anthony Mondello, National Account Director, LSC®
Room: Venice I

As credit unions, we are dedicated to serving the communities around us. That means we serve the entire community. It’s our mission to benefit and improve the lives of all our members, including those overlooked by traditional banks and financial institutions. The credit union difference is we find solutions. We don’t simply overlook anyone because they’re “underbanked.”, those who don’t have traditional deposit accounts. One of those solutions is offering a VISA Prepaid Debit card program.

Join Anthony Mondello, National Sales Director for LSC®. and learn about the how VISA Prepaid Products might assist your credit union in serving the non-traditional members in your community.

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Achieving Growth with MarTech
Doug MacDonald, Vice President of Direct Marketing Services, and Fred Barber, Account Executive, Synergent
Room: Venice II

Growth strategies that include core integration and maximizing your marketing dollars are dependent upon Marketing Technology (MarTech). Effectively driving your credit union forward means implementing a formula for growth that sets your goals, strategy, and execution plan not just in your marketing department, but throughout your organization. Join our team of experts to learn how to most efficiently leverage your data using the latest MarTech tools, including transactional data mining, omni-channel campaigns, and targeted marketing.

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Making the Most of Commercial Lending (?)
Mark Cox, President & CEO, Innovative Business Solutions, LLC
Room: Venice III

With a rising rate environment, a stable economy, and good markets, if you’re not making commercial loans (and 60% of you aren’t), now is the time to consider it. With over 30 years of commercial lending and management experience, Cox will provide information important to starting a successful commercial loan program, including regulatory issues, staffing, start up and ongoing costs, and portfolio management; and will provide tips for improving the loan production and income generation of an existing commercial loan program. The session will conclude with a review of the MBL/commercial loan reg changes that went into effect in 2017 and how they will impact your program, portfolio and future exams.





Visit the Vendors- Exhibit Hall

2:30-3:15pm   Concurrent Sessions

Behavioral Science & Financial Decisions: How Do We Actually Change Behavior?
Maura Farver, Senior Behavioral Researcher, Center for Advanced Hindsight
Room: Drake

Even as the economy recovers, unemployment decreases, and median income rises, millions of households in the United States continue to barely scrape by. For years, society has placed the responsibility and blame on the individual; their inability to build a nest egg, or save up six months of expenses for an emergency, has been seen as an individual failing: a character flaw. But behavioral science shows that it’s really a failing of the broader system: a design flaw. In this engaging talk, the Center for Advanced Hindsight, a behavioral science research group at Duke University, will share how human behavior can sabotage our own best efforts to achieve financial health, and how financial service providers are leveraging these natural behavioral tendencies to design products and services that measurably improve financial health and stability.

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What you should know and what might surprise you about the Carolinas Credit Union League
Dan Schline, EVP/COO
Room: Venice I

The Carolinas Credit Union League (CCUL) strives to be Your Strongest Advocate and a Whole Lot More. In this 45 minute session learn more about how CCUL is delivering value to credit unions in the Carolinas in its four core areas – Advocacy, Compliance, Professional Development, and CU Resources. Additionally, plan to be surprised by some of the new and innovative ways CCUL is helping credit unions meet operational challenges, staffing changes, and member needs.



Credit Unions and the U.S. Economy
Scott Borger, Ph.D., Senior Economist, NCUA
Room: Venice II

Dr. Borger will provide a summary of U.S. economic trends and how they impact credit union lending and interest rates.

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National Credit Union Administration


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3:30pm  Exhibit Hall Closes